Game Spotlight: Absolver

I don’t usually find myself fawning over Indie games. I’m not the type to adore some 2D Platformer or find myself lost in a short experience. But every once and a while a game comes out that exceeds my expectations or hits all the check marks that my typical game does for me. And this year, so far, Absolver is checking down that list and its also firing on all cylinders for being the type of game I’m attracted to.

Remember Jade Empire? Think Jade Empire meets For Honor, and that idea is just bad ass when you think about it. Its not as deep as a Bioware game, that I’ve seen, but it offers the sort of variety that might make Bioware re-think how awesome their games are.

To me, this game is my dream. A martial arts game that I can play with friends and others. Weapons, an open environment, PvP and PvE, single player campaign, Dungeons… my god…its like my wet dream.

For anyone interested I’m Eberstar on PlayStation Network. Feel free to check it out or pre-order it, its on sale for 26.99 right now and its a solid price point for what they are trying to offer.

I will be posting and sharing more as time goes on. Look forward to posts.

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