Recommended Comic Read: Harbinger

Today I want to recommend Harbinger: Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 & 2

I recently read through all of Harbinger and its such a different story than your typical heroes that you know of in DC and Marvel. Its like Teen Titans meets X-Men or Inhumans. As a matter of fact if this could be compared to Inhumans, this didn’t come before Inhumans, but this is a better version.

The rundown is essentially super powered beings that have hidden abilities through mental mutations are unlocked in various ways. Mainly thanks to corporations and the military poking and prying where they shouldn’t. And where some see weapons, others might see the next step in evolution, meanwhile there is this group that doesn’t see eye to eye with these negative ideals and try to save the world from these forces from the inside out. A lot of things go wrong, its an emotional roller-coaster, its also like a coming of age story where you would like to think the classic hero story, but its almost un predictable as it gets to the end.


The amazing thing I love about this branch of Valiant is that you can start here and branch off to the other heroes easily.

I picked up Man-O War, Ninjak, and Spiderman Miles Morales Vol. 1. So look forward to my insight on that.

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    1. It’s an amazing read. I know I put it so short but there’s so much more to it that here volumes cover.

      I recommend that you can also buy the smaller volumes. If you’re looking for a good start into it.

      6 volumes in all.

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