The U.S. Film Critic Has Become Cocky

We see it all the time, review after review for movies that come out here in the States. And its become apparent to me that many people have taken to heart that the movie industry lives and dies on the whim of how well it  does in the good ole U.S of A. Which is obviously not the case any more or at least not for much longer.

You see what I think is being dodged is how well movies made in the U.S.A or movies made for the U.S.A audience are doing well overseas. And this point seems to be missed alot since most of the time these days, just because a movie does bad here doesn’t mean it won’t pick up in China, Japan, Europe, etc…etc. The movie industry no longer lives and dies on the whim of what we think let alone how well it does financially here.

Lets look at some examples shall we:

Transformers: The Last Knight, its not secret that Transformers gets a lot of shit here in the U.S.A, maybe abroad for how bad it is. Even though I for one am like the masses that accept it as just a fun story…that’s a different story for another day. The movie made approximately $127 million in the domestic box office. With the bulk being made overseas at $420 million. Which the bulk of the International box office is coming from China. Now whether or not it deserves praise, money or attention is a different argument. But what should be noticed is how this reflect our audience and movies releasing here in the states. After all our country bows to the all mighty dollar, and when we want something done we have to let our wallets speak for us right? Well the industry is speaking for their wallet and going where they have made the most money.

Lets use another example, Batman Vs. Superman made a combined $868 million worldwide with 330 million made in domestic. Which means domestically, the U.S.A gave it the most money. But how does this still apply to my argument? The criticism of BvS was and still is split, with the most vocal being negative but even today the critic scores are split almost evenly. The success of the movie didn’t hinge of the U.S. audience but it did hinge on the reception guided by the conceptions drawn by critics. Which brings up another point that I express when I say the “film critic has become cocky”, trying not to generalize of course, but when we have these movies launch in other countries and we wonder why they aren’t here. Its because the critics ruin the initial perception of the movie. The audience of certain critics are solely dependent on what their critic overlords consider a good movie.

Nothing wrong with that but consider that the next time a movie opens overseas to success and  they make a sequel. The mummy did poorly here in the states, but guess what, it is doing well overseas and Universal will probably pause and refocus to that audience if they want their money. Granted that  doesn’t mean every studio is scared of the critic now, its just something to consider when you listen to some random critic on YouTube with millions of views or some article from someone who’s paid to give their thoughts and doesn’t really care for a franchise or a character. That being said I don’t want to discredit critics, some are pretty legit and carry valid weight in opinions.

Just food for thought.


Also something to consider the next time we see a celebrity doing acting work in Japan or China and they are getting a good pay day.

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