Mass Effect: Andromeda Isn’t That Good in Hindsight…

For what it's worth I love Mass Effect Andromeda and what it offers but in hindsight. For a game titled Mass Effect, it only lasted a few days of minimal play with me before I completed the story and felt no need to come back.
Part of the problem is knowing the DLC situation. And the other being zero reason to pick something back up in the game.

Granted some portions in the multiplayer, Strike Teams, do benefit your single player. But once you leave there is no reason to come back…unless you're trying to get all the achievements.

It's good for the $30 I got it for but Lordy…is it underwhelming.

And with no announcement of dlc in the future I think it might be safe to say that this game did not live up to the years of waiting and hype building.


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