The Mindset Of Someone Catered To

The other week I was minding my own business and my phone stared blowing up with all these notificaitons about the new Doctor and who will play the revered character next! Turns out for the first time, there will be a female Doctor taking on the role and I was excited that the writers were trying to breathe new life back into the show and taking a different direction.

Meanwhile on Twitter and in some of my circles, that wasn’t the case. With mainly the phrase “Diversity of Diversity’s sake” being used. We as a people need to think about this phrase for a bit because it implies a alot for someone of color like me. I by no means speak for my people and for the sake of this discussion I won’t identify myself.
But let me break down why the phrase “Diveristy for diversity’s sake” is a no no:

  • It implies that the people trying to use diversity as a point of telling a story, improving or pushing the narrative in different ways. Are just doing it for no reason.
    • That couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially for a studio like Naughty Dog or especially the people behind Doctor Who. These franchises and shows have gone this long because of their story telling ability and their entertaining value. This implies that they lack the skill to tell a story when thats not the situation at all, they are taking a creative liberty, they are taking a different direction. Or in the case of Doctor who, if you watch the show…like actually watch it. You can sort of tell that the directon they were headed would have inevitably led them to a female Doctor, or the possibility.
    • You also have to consider that in a foreign culture, when you think of the voice actor for a character like Goku or Naruto (in Japan), you immediatley think its a dude voice actor if you’re not familiar with that right? Nope. Both are awesome woment that have been at it for years!

  • It also implies that there is a standard of who plays a role. And this tends to be where most people I’ve encountered come from.  The audience catered to the most tends to not like when something stops catering to them, its only natural. But excuse me for catching you when I say that not every character is an adult white male with the body of an adonis and a heroic personality, thats unrealistic when half of the world is Women and the world is filled with various ethnicities and cultures.
    • Its how the Doctor goes from English to Scottish back to English and then to Scottish.
    • And his Companion goes from a lady (one of the best!) to a guy to the same woman from the old one, to a black woman (the first black companion), and  to another woman who were all amazing actresses. Then there were Amy and Rory, a couple. Then there was Clara, could you count River Song? Who was essentially the same as a Time Lord. And then Peter’s doctor  was accompanied by another black woman and Nardole who is an alien from the future.
      • Point is that is just a fraction of the supporting cast. Let alone the various species and inter-species relations that occur in all the seasons. Doctor Who has been and will probably always be a show taking creative twists that make for great and compelling stories.

  • Which brings me to another implication. That saying that its for Diversity’s sake discredits the qualifications of a diverse actor that spans outside of just gender and color. This heavy weight person can’t play this role because of their appearance? This person with a disability can’t be the hero?
    • The answer is if it fits the narrative. And the narrative is often how the writers see fit. So if I’m in the audience and they switched from a male to a female or a Robot to an alien main character… who plays the role, who the character is doesn’t matter as much as making sure the show is freaking good!
      • No one complains about how awesome Mariska Hargitay‘s Character Olivia Benson is in Law & Order: SVU. Because she is the best!!

I often think to myself when someone says that phrase that its coming from a place of being catered to for a long time and its often representative of many areas of the world today; the military, certain professions, acting, or even in a fictional sense. And I’m not saying that every white male thinks this way, thats further from the truth…but the truth is that a vocal bunch of people in general always feel like when there is a shift in how its always been…now its just changing for no reason. Using diversity as a gimmick; granted I’m sure there is or has been one show that has did that once. instead of seeing it as a problem, look at it as an obstacle for the people being represented to see as something to help promote the narratives and not making it seem like they, we, are diminishing it….unless of course thats how you really feel and in that case fuck off.

You know I made this blog to mainly be my opinion. So I don’t want the fact to escape that I’m having an open discussion and at the same time just sharing my thoughts. My thoughts change, it might not on this particular debacle. But it can be improved, modified, swayed in other areas.

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