Why I’m Pick Up No Mans Sky Again…

Since day one I knew No Mans Sky did not live up to initial expectations. No Man’s Sky is a game that has gotten alot of shit over since it launched. Its become a bad taste…but has it become a fine wine over time?

Today however things have changed.
Changed like when Destiny The Taken King dropped and everyone began to see what the game really was in hindsight, it was more full. Atleast to me it does…

Now with the new No Mans Sky update, the galaxy is more full. And I look forward to playing with friends now!!

From the jump I also told people that if they do this right. No Mans Sky can become a giant playground for players for years that go beyond a game like Minecraft. And we are starting to see the fruit of that labor, but the question is, is it enough? For me it is and I’m willing to give it another chance.

Will you head back into No Mans Sky? Yes or No?

I want to know in the comments.

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