Why Could Sony Be Skipping GamesCom?

Sony is reportedly skipping the biggest European gaming event this year. But it will still be showing off games in Paris Games Week instead. Its unclear what they might show off but the event will probably showcase popular and upcoming titles. Sony unveiled Uncharted 4 multiplayer, more of Horizon, and the street fighter release date.... Continue Reading →

To Buy Destiny 2 Or Not…

That is the question isn't it? I mean what exactly draws you to Destiny? Is it the original Halo like combat that is superior to most shooters? Is it the gameplay? Is it the world? Is it the social aspect? Is it the matchmaking? What draws you to this world and what do you hope... Continue Reading →

GameStop Is Changing Their Stores

It is no secret that pop-culture has brought more collectibles into the market. With as many super-hero movies, Stranger Things, and nerdy shows. A store like Think-Geek can prosper where its sister brand GameStop is behind because it relied mainly on well...video games while the collectibles market is set to exceed over $16 billion in... Continue Reading →

Try to find a VR arcade near you! I'm seeing these pop up more and more.

I just picked up For Honor, I like long walks on the beach, I like to party, and I'm ready to stomp some faces in!

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