Netflix’s First Aquisition…Millarworld!

Netflix announced today that it has acquired Millarworld, the comicbook publishing company that was founded by Mark Millar who created many iconic characters such as Kingsman, Kick-Ass, and Old Man Logan. Millar is also a name you might recognize as a writer for the Civil War Marvel Comics, "Fantastic Four", and the Angelina Jolie, Morgan... Continue Reading →

GameStop Is Changing Their Stores

It is no secret that pop-culture has brought more collectibles into the market. With as many super-hero movies, Stranger Things, and nerdy shows. A store like Think-Geek can prosper where its sister brand GameStop is behind because it relied mainly on games while the collectibles market is set to exceed over $16 billion in... Continue Reading →

Try to find a VR arcade near you! I'm seeing these pop up more and more.

I just picked up For Honor, I like long walks on the beach, I like to party, and I'm ready to stomp some faces in!

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